Air Conditioning Repair

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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair | Affordable Cooling & Heating Service - Kansas City, MO

It’s inevitable. The weather just turns from evening spring chills to midday swelter, and your air conditioner decides to take a vacation.

Never fear. Affordable Cooling & Heating Service is dedicated to providing the best for less for the cool comfort of Northland area residents and businesses. We can repair or replace all types of air conditioning systems with the prompt, reliable service our customers in Kansas City have come to know and rely on.

Repairs are just part of the story. To avoid the unexpected happening at the worst time, we have maintenance packages including:

• Annual Residential and Commercial Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA's)

We provide other repair and service options such as:

• A/C check and charge (tune up) service
• Electronically check for refrigerant leaks
• Clean outside unit condensing coils
• Replace condensate drain fittings and tubing
• Clean A/C evaporator coils
• Replace fan motors and blades.
• Replace Compressors.
• Replace Capacitors.
• Replace contractor, time delays, and other switches & components.

You can take into consideration that continuing to run your old system could mean the headaches and expense of repeated breakdowns and higher operating energy costs.

In most cases the original installed Air Conditioning System does not have enough capacity, to cool the second floor. You've most likely have noticed that the upstairs bedrooms are hot and stuffy, when the outdoor temperature reaches 95 degrees and above, and the AC System is continuously running.

This is wearing out your equipment and taking money out of your pocket.

Also, you need to consider that the new, high-efficiency units will provide better comfort throughout your home by cooling evenly in each room. Reduced monthly utility bills and savings on repair costs can easily offset the cost of a new system.

Affordable Cooling & Heating Service will provide a thorough in-home inspection and evaluation of your current central air system along with a comprehensive performance analysis.

You can Buy Your HVAC Equipment individually, such as, Buy a Furnace Now and Install a AC System next spring or at your leisure. Cost may be higher when replacing in this manner, but the costs maybe more easily handled by your budget.

You can also Buy Your Next HVAC System by the Bundle & Save. Get a free Humidifier and Programmable Thermostat. Bundles include: Furnace, A/C System, Thermostat, Humidifier and Hot Water Tank. (HWT)

Start Saving on your Energy Bills and Maintenance. 10 Year Warranty on HVAC Equipment, 6 Year Warranty on HWT.

Call us if you need repairs or replacement at (816) 468-1509. We offer free estimates for New HVAC Systems. We accept: MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards, personal checks and cash.

HVAC Service Call Fee: $79.95 (Includes First Hour of Labor) Plus Parts and Sales Tax. Appliance Service Call Fee: $69.95 (Includes First Hour of Labor) Plus Parts and Sales Tax. Second Hour or additional Hours of labor is: $60.00 per hour.

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